First Egypt’s A400M military transporter spotted in Spain

The first A400M (SU-BUX) military transport plane with desert camo of the Egyptian Air Force was spotted at the Seville Airport in Spain.

The first photograph of A400M of the Egyptian Air Force was released by on its page at Facebook.

According to some source, Egypt has ordered 12 Airbus A400M military transport planes for €1.8bn in 2015. The sale to Egypt was first reported by, a Spanish news website, which said that Pilar Albiac, the Airbus DS executive vice-president for operations, told the Airbus DS board that Egypt had made its first order during a meeting at the Seville plant, where the A400M is assembled.

Another Spanish media outlet,, quoted an unidentified industry official as confirming the deal, but saying that “the number of aircraft is much exaggerated.” An Egyptian contract for that many aircraft “is not going to happen,” the official said.

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The A400M combines the capability to carry strategic loads with the ability to deliver even into tactical locations with small and unprepared airstrips. And in addition it acts as a frontline-tanker for other aircraft.

The A400M was launched in May 2003 to respond to the combined needs of seven European Nations regrouped within OCCAR (Belgium, France, Germany, Luxemburg, Spain, Turkey and the UK), with Malaysia joining in 2005. The A400M made its first flight on 11 December 2009. The first production aircraft was delivered to the French Air Force in August 2013 and in service a year after. The A400M already has seen operational use with the French and Turkish Air Forces in Afghanistan, the Central African Republic, African’ Sahel Region, Mali and in the Middle East to support the air operations over Iraq and Syria.

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Egypt currently operates 26 Lockheed C-130 Hercules, however, as well as 9 DHC-5 Buffalos and 24 Airbus C295.

Source: 09 Defense Blog

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